It’s Fair Time!

It’s July! The month of my birth, independence, cookouts, and fireworks. And the county fair!

I love the county fair. The animals, food, rides, competitions. While I didn’t partake in 4-H as a child, I love that they have an Open Class competition for adults and youth. For the past 8 years and across three counties, I have competed in the photography at the fair. What started with an Honorable Mention award in Vigo County, I can truly say I caught the bug. In 2013 at the Johnson County fair, I finally won the granddaddy of all prizes- the purple ribbon that said “Grand Champion.” I was in complete disbelief when I saw that ribbon hanging on my photograph, and I am pretty sure I had a goofy smile glued to my face for the entire week of the fair. What an honor it was!

My 2013 Grand Champion at the Johnson County Fair. Notice the goofy grin!

In 2014, I competed again, this time in a different county, as I had moved back to the county where I grew up. Imagine my complete and utter surprise when I saw 4 of my 5 photos with a purple Champion or light purple Reserve Champion ribbon on them. I was really confused as to why I wasn’t finding my last photo on the wall, and grew concerned that it got lost or damaged and couldn’t be displayed. It’s a big event, it can happen, right?

Well, my fears were put to rest when my sister found my last photo…. in the Grand Champions display case! Again, I was completely floored by the Grand Champion (and Champion and Reserve Champion) honors, and in my home county nonetheless. I felt like I finally made it! Yippie!

I took a break from competing in 2015. It was a busy summer year and I felt I needed time to devote 100% to a few things instead of 50% to a bunch of things. It was one of the best decisions I made because it gave me a chance to recharge and I am now more in love with photography than I ever was before!

Which brings us to back to 2016 and the county fair!

2016 Salon Prints entries

I just dropped off my entries for the Salon Prints competition yesterday, three landscapes and one nature photograph. I have butterflies in my stomach, I am so excited to see how they do!

And in addition to working on my photography this summer, I have also been picking black raspberries from my backyard and making homemade jellies and jams.  MMMMMMMmmmmmm! I should enter these in the fair but I think I will hold off until next summer. This year is all about the photographs!

Joanna’s homemade black raspberry jam and peach butter.