Change is GOOD!

Changes already?

Sort of.

Six years ago, I started my photography business under the name Treasured Relics Photography. For five years, I thrived under this name, providing family portraits, engagement and weddings, and maternity and newborn sessions to those in South Central Indiana. I loved this work, but I missed my landscape photography hobby dearly.

A year ago, I discovered my name was available as a web domain, and I jumped on the opportunity to purchase it and to make a site just for my landscape passion. What a great way to get my own name out there, right?! Well, I quickly discovered the difficulty in maintaining two websites and two Facebook fan pages. I also discovered that people associated my portrait work more with my own name, not my business name. What?! Hmmmm……

So this year, I decided to make a little change. All my work – portraits, landscape, and art – will now be featured under my name, Joanna Tucker Photography and Art. I even got a snazzy new logo to go with the new name!

Joanna Tucker, Photography & Art

It was hard to delete the old TRP website and Facebook fan page, but once I did, I felt so happy knowing that it will be so much easier for people to find me and my work. The support I have heard from friends and clients has been amazing, and to even find out that some thought I should have been using my own name all along, well, that just confirms that I made the right choice!

I plan to keep this site updated with blog posts about recent portrait sessions, my latest landscape adventures, some flashbacks to previous TRP work, and my continued dabbling in drawing and painting. In addition, I have set up a special “Events” tab, where I will list upcoming art shows and competitions where you can view my work in person, as well as shows and events where prints and artwork can be purchased.

To all my TRP fans and new JTPA fans alike, I look forward to sharing my photography and art journey with you, and I hope you enjoy the journey as well! I look forward to connecting with you all via the JTPA blog and Facebook page, as well as on Instragram and Pinterest.